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Simple and easy installation of Michael Linenberger's MYN Views in Outlook

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How do I install the product?

After purchase of the product, you will have received a link to download the product in both your checkout screen and email confirmation. Simply click the link to download and run the installer, let the process complete, then restart Outlook


Do I need the 32 or 64 bit version of MYN Views?

Whether the 32 or 64 bit version is used is determined by the version of Outlook and not Windows. To check, go to the Outlook version screen and note whether after the version number, 32 or 64 bits is indicated.

If you installed the wrong 32/64 bit version by accident, please shut down Outlook, uninstall MYN Views from the Windows Control Panel, then install the correct version.


How do I enter my license information?

In your purchase receipt, a license ID composed of 5 letters and/or numbers will be listed. Use this ID along with your name or email in the license entry screen. This screen will show when Outlook is started, and can also be accessed from the MYN Views About screen.


How do I update to a newer version?

If you are running the original 1.0 version, you can update to an newer version:
  1. From your original purchase receipt email, click on the download link to download the newest version
  2. Shut down Outlook
  3. Run the downloaded MYN Views installer
  4. Restart Outlook and click the Restore Views button in the MYN Views tab

Outlook addin to improve inbox Frequently Asked Questions


What is MYN Views for Outlook?

MYN Views is an add-in utility for the desktop version of Outlook to easily install and maintain Michael Linenberger's MYN Views for Outlook.


What is current version of MYN Views?

The current version of the product is v1.3. Changes since the original 1.0 version added the option to show or hide flagged items in the To-Do view, and installs tasks views to all Task folders and the To-Do List instead of only the main task folder.

The v1.3 update is a free update for purchasers or earlier versions. To upgrade, please follow the instructions above under "How do I update to a newer version?".


What versions of Outlook and Windows are supported?

Windows versions 10 and 11 along with the desktop versions of Outlook for Office 365 and versions 2013-2021. In both cases, 32 and 64 bit versions are supported.


What language versions of Outlook are supported?

English is the primarily supported version. German versions of the MYN customized views are included as well, however the user interface of the MYN Views program displays in English only. Other language versions of Outlook may not work with MYN Views as the view definitions rely on language specific customizations.


What does MYN Views for Outlook cost?

MYN Views for Outlook is priced at $15 USD. This is a one time fee entitling use of the product version purchased with no expiration.


How do I use MYN Views for Outlook?

Upon initial installation, the product will install the MYN Views and require one restart of Outlook. The To-Do bar will default to the MYN To-Do view. Other views in the Task and Mail folders can be accessed through the Outlook views menu. If the views ever need to be restored, a restore button is available in the MYN Views tab in Outlook.


I'm not seeing the MYN Task views

In the original version of MYN Views, the tasks folder views were only installed to the default Tasks folder in Outlook. The current version of MYN Views now installs the views to all Task views. Please update to the new version as described in the "How do I update to a newer version?" post above, and click the restore views button to update the task views.


I don’t see flagged mail in the To-Do Bar

In the original version of MYN Views, the To-Do bar view was configured to hide flagged mail items. In the current version, there is an option in the toolbar to hide or show the flaggged items. Please update to the new version as described in the "How do I update to a newer version?" post above.


How does MYN Views work with the ClearContext product?

MYN Views provides and maintains the special MYN views as defined in the MYN methodology and Total Workday Control. When used with ClearContext, it also enables the MYN mode in ClearContext that defaults the options to the MYN recommendations: such as filing to a Processed Mail folder and using Task start dates.


Need help not listed here?

Email ClearContext Support at support at

Try ClearContext with MYN

The ClearContext add-in, as described in Total Workday Control, is a comprehensive solution for managing your busy work day in Outlook. Featuring one-click filing, turning emails into actions, and powerful management of your tasks by Project, ClearContext works hand in hand with MYN to take control of your Inbox.