MYN Views for Outlook
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Automatic MYN Views

Add-in for Outlook providing
 simple and easy installation of
Michael Linenberger's MYN Views

MYN Views for Outlook is an add-in for desktop Outlook that automatically configures the MYN views as described in the book Total Workday Control by Michael Linenberger. The MYN To-Do Bar view is installed, as are 10 Task folder and Mail folder (Message) views. All are are instantly added to Outlook, and the views can also be restored with one click if they need to be repaired.

Installed View List


To-Do Bar
To-Do Peek *


All Now-Tasks
Defer-to-Review Tasks
Goals By Category
Next 7 Day's Tasks
This Week's Tasks
Projects By Category
Recently Completed Tasks


By Category

For view details, please refer to Total Workday Control, Chapters 3 and 12

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, Microsoft Desktop Outlook 2010-2016 (English)

* To-Do Peek applicable for Outlook 2013 and newer

Try ClearContext with MYN

The ClearContext add-in, as described in Total Workday Control, is a comprehensive solution for managing your busy work day in Outlook. Featuring one-click filing, turning emails into actions, and powerful management of your tasks by Project, ClearContext works hand in hand with MYN to take control of your Inbox.